About Kate

Get Clarity. Get Focused. Get Results.

“Kate has been very intuitive with my needs. She works hard to make me dig deep and soul search.”

-Janice Karp, IMAlive Counselor, FL USA

I’m a longtime coach, writer, teacher and professional development skills trainer.

I’ve coached and taught adults and students of all ages in countries that span the globe; including Chinese, Vietnam, Chile and the Philippines. My background as a university lecturer working across language barriers has enhanced my coaching style to be adaptable in all situations. Since I’m a student of different cultures, I am an expert in identifying complex issues and problems among people with different backgrounds.


As a coach, I concentrate my experiences abroad into interactive coaching and training methods that resonate with a variety of clients – both local and international. I specialize in communicating complex ideas in simple terms while using fun, interactive exercises to really get into the core of your dilemma. I get a sense of your needs fairly quickly and can relate to what you’re going through. I strive to make sure each of my clients is getting the most out of every session. I’m fairly focused during sessions yet at the same ensure my clients still feel at ease and have a laugh and a blast.

“She was able to break things down for me in ways that I am able to apply in my life little by little. I came to a session with her with not much expectation but came out excited as to what great changes I can instill in my lifestyle to reach newfound goals!”

—Georgia Legarra, Tech Support, iNet, New Zealand

What’s my style as a coach?

I’m very practical and solution focused in my approach. I combine my influences in life coaching, psychology, productivity, Barbara Sher scanner coaching, marketing and business skills training to create the best program for you.

I’m also an organizational geek so I LOVE breaking major projects into doable chunks and scheduling them with deadlines to ensure you do them.

To listen to a sample of my coaching session, click on the player below. Here, I coached my client, Phil towards his goal of earning more money in the stock market.

If the player doesn’t work, you can listen to the audio here. You can also download the mp3 audio by right clicking over the link and click ‘Save Link As’.

What’s my life coaching process?  

Step 1: Get to the core of your needs and discover the most pressing problem.

Step 2: Diagnose your problem. Come up with an overall road map and action plan to move you forward.

Step 3: I then keep you accountable and make sure you stay on track on your progress.

Step 4: Do you have something hold you back? Using my tools and strategies, I also help you overcome your mental blocks and limiting beliefs that might be holding you back.



” I found my sessions with Kate very useful. She provided me with a variety of practical ideas and solutions to enable me to achieve my goals.” 

–Philip Meincke, English Instructor, Australia

How My Skills Can Help You

  • My life coaching can help you overcome obstacles, your negative beliefs, mental blocks, get you focused and provide you with a road map.


  • My experience as a corporate trainer means I have expertise to coach you in over 30 professional development skills topics. This includes Time Management, Productivity, Conflict Management, Anger Management, Assertive Communication, Leadership, Public Speaking, and more.


  • My marketing, business and public relations background helps me relate to clients growing their own business. It gives me the edge to help you grow your business while coaching you to success.


  • I have relocated to six different countries and guide those looking into starting a career overseas, switching jobs and relocating to another country. I hold my clients’ hands as I navigate them through the murky waters of choosing a country, deciding on new line of work, grappling with visa issues and managing all the pieces of the moving process. I make this process for you as painless as possible. (To know more about relocation coaching, click here)

My Credentials:

    • Life Coach Certificate from Certified Professional Coach
    • Certificate in Solution Focused Therapy
    • Business Skills Trainer,USA
    • Public Relations and Marketing Specialist, Chile
    • University Lecturer,China
    • Certified Licensed Teacher, Philippines and New Zealand
    • Diploma in Linguistics and Literature
    • Diploma in Secondary Education
    • Diploma in Special Education



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