What Clients Are Saying

“Kate has been very intuitive with my needs. She works hard to make me dig deep and soul search. I have gained more confidence after working with her. We worked together to find my inner passions and with the abundance of information on the Internet, found a volunteer position which reflects these passions. I believe in myself a lot more after listening and absorbing Kate's words. She reiterated many times how happy she was with my progress as well as being a go getter! Doors were opened which I couldn't do on my own. Sometimes a stranger can bring out things which you were afraid to investigate on your own. I recommend Kate highly, her service is outstanding."
Janice Karp
IMAlive Counselor, FL U.S.A
"Kate helped me to sort out my ideas and visualize how they link together to help kick start my endeavors. She had encouraging words on getting past my own analysis paralysis and connected me with a few contacts in the field for additional advice. Kate helped me to prioritize what I was looking for in my next international move and provided useful information from her own experiences of traveling and living in South America. This was extremely helpful and it enabled me to narrow down my list of possible cities to consider by a lot! The session made me feel more organized with my move. Thanks so much Kate!"
Jenna Ammerman
"My sessions with Kate were very intuitive. She was able to break things down for me in ways that I am able to apply in my life little by little. I came to a session with her with not much expectation but came out excited as to what great changes I can instill in my lifestyle to reach newfound goals! I would definitely continue with my sessions with her. I recommend you to give her a try! It could just push you in the right direction to happiness!"
Georgia Legarra
Tech Support, iNet, New Zealand
female face
“Kate Yu offers an upbeat energy and can-do attitude to whatever challenges her clients are facing. She listens attentively and actively. Then she offers practical solutions that will put you on track to achieving your goals. I highly recommend Kate.”
Mandy Morgan
Writer, World Wild Life Fund, Washington D.C. USA
"Kate is a very open minded person. It’s like you are talking with a friend throughout the session. But at the same time she has the ability to always put you back into the topic and keep you focused. Before I went to Kate, I had that awful fearful feeling of being stuck and don't know where-to-go-next in your current situation. After my first session with her, I feel as if a heavy burden from inside me has been lifted up!  It made me feel energized again and optimistic that things are getting clearer. Most of all, she helped me get closer to my next dream."
Mafey Palencia
Public Relations Officer, Singapore
“ I found my sessions with Kate very useful. She provided me with a variety of practical ideas and solutions to enable me to achieve my goals. Kate brings to her coaching a wealth of international experience with ideas and knowledge beyond her years. Even a few seasons can bring benefits and enable you to make changes which will bring long term results.”
Philip Meincke
English Instructor, Australia
“Kate was very helpful in providing valuable strategic information in finding work and moving to Chile. It helped me a lot in my decision to create an international career in South America. Thanks Kate!”
Bryan Villanueva
Front desk associate, Shangri-la Hotel, United Arab Emirates